Enabling Elgg to add photos to posts

I have a social network site on fairness – SimplyFair.net – built with Elgg. It has a section on the home page headed "Fairness Focus" where I post daily examples of fairness situations under a headline for each.  It would be a great help in sparking up the site if I could post a related photo above the headline of  each entry, preferably ones that I could size individually. Would you call this plugin development?

This is important because I have been having a terrible time attracting members/visitors to the site. (Scammers seem to know about it, but that's about all.) I feel that photos added to the Focus items would be a helpful feature, and I'm wondering if they could be added to Elgg's capabilities.

Thank you.

  • I don't exactly understand what plugin (if any) you use for making these fairness postings. If you would use the blog plugin, the blog tools plugin (https://elgg.org/plugins/782529) might be of some help for you. It allows to add images to blog postings. It's been a while since I've tried it out myself, so I'm not sure if the images will also be included in the lists view / in the widget view. If the images are already displayed there, the blog+blog tools plugins might provide the functionality you need. As you seem to use a custom plugin instead of the blog plugin, you might still be able to implement the image functionality from the blog tools plugin into your custom plugin.

  • My SimplyFair.net site was built by a developer "whole cloth" in Elgg, I didn't use a blog plugin. My developer tells me that Elgg doesn't yet permit the use of photos above a headline and to be sized as we'd like them.  That would be a precious addition to Elgg capability, in my view. 

  • Elgg is really flexible with both image manipulation and layout modifications. What you want can already be done without much effort

  • I have noticed that the fairness postings are not done with the bundled Blog plugin of Elgg. I can't tell from just viewing your site how exactly it's done but my guess is that the "Fairness" plugin is quite similar to the Blog plugin (and your developer might have even cloned the blog plugin to create a plugin that can be used in parallel to the blog plugin for more specific postings).

    The point is that the Blog Tools plugin allows adding images to blog postings made with the bundled Blog plugin. The necessary functionality to upload images, to resize images and to output the images are already there. And the Blog Tools plugin even allows to set the desired image size in its plugin settings. The images might not be displayed above the blog title section but that's an issue that's very, very easy to fix.

    My suggestion is that your developer should take a look at the code of the Blog Tools plugin to see how it's done there. He only needs to take the corresponding code from the Blog Tools plugin and integrate it into the "Fairness" plugin with some adjustment. He would possible need to add the code in the plugin settings form to allow for setting the image size, add the code in the posting form to allow for uploading an image and in the save action to handle the resizing/saving of the image. And then modify the object view in the Fairness plugin to also output the image (and if the image is echoed before the title section it's most likely already done as you want it to be).

    As you don't use the bundled blog plugin for the Fairness postings (or any other bundled plugin) but some custom plugin made by your developer it wouldn't make any difference anyway if the image upload / output functionality (as provided by the Blog Tools plugin) would be added to Elgg core (as for example to the Blog plugin). Your developer would still need to modify your custom "Fairness" plugin in the same way.

  • I'll send this along to my developer. Thanks!