New 0.8.4 release

Get it here:

This minor bug fix release fixes some problems with flexfile and flexgroupprofile. It also attempts to support the new group visibility option in Elgg 1.6 (if "allow hidden groups" is turned on in your group settings). This last bit has not been tested, however, so feedback is welcome.

The changes are described in the CHANGES.txt file in the form directory.

  • I should add that if you have an earlier release of these plugins running and are happy with it, there is no real need to upgrade. This release is really for people needing bug fixes for flexgroupprofile and flexfile.

  • Hi Kevin, i install this plugin at my elgg and when i create a form it goes to the home page , i dont know why because i install this plugin in another server (in my brothers computer and it works) could be a imcompatibility whit a plugin that i have or something? what am i doing worng? i have elgg 1.5 thanks u for you help!

  • Hi Kevin, i install this plugin here on form plugin I added  a search form with "add search definition"

    and on this I given tags name on "Searchable field" and on search by tags I not get any result ,I thinks some problems on search, Please help me on this


    with thanks


  • Hello everybody.
    Here we're having some difficulties configuring this very nice plugin. Let's see them:

    1. Can we have different profiles fields if a user joined a specific Group and/or to another? Please consider we automatically join users to a specific Group when we create it.
    2. Can we ask some fields which will remain totaly hidden to others users but stored into DB and shown to the profile owner?

    Can someone help us?
    Thank you for your help and support!

  • I have a quick question about calling on a profile page's owner. I have modified the original profile fields so I can set my own, but when a user goes to a friend's profile, he can't see the friend's profile information. I can set it so the visiting user can see his own information regardless of who's profile is being looked at, but I can't figure out how to get the profile fields of the page owner to show up instead.

    I've tried:



    $vars['user'] and $vars[guid']


    and perhaps a few others...

    Any ideas? Much appreciated! :)

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

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