Build My Site for Cash!

I am trying to create a social networking website between athletes and their markets (whether it be  athletic trainers, companies that have athletic gear, message therapy, ect.). The athletes as well as the established companies will have to pay to join. The athletes can view and chat with other athletes if they are friends, as well as view the companies on the site; however, a company can only contact the athlete if he/she invites them to do so. The athletes can post content on other's 'wall' as well as their own. They can also give status updates and post pictures and videos.

This is basically a facebook platform with a business aspect to it. Please let me know if you can contribute to my project. I be willing to pay the highest bidder if he or she can execute the tasks at hand within a reasonable price range. Highest Bid, Fast Cash, Let Me Know What You Think ASAP. Thanks.

  • From the description of your requirements... it looks like you need some rather heavy features. The better professionals will most likel;y do this sort of project in the range $5,000 - $10,000. and deliver something that will work very well for your stated purposes.

Professional Services

Professional Services

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