Healthy Elgg Developers and Entrepreneurship Spirit

By Tom

I am a developer and I would like to give an advice or a suggestion to the past, current,and future Elgg developers.

A study by psychiatrist Dr. Michael Freeman  has linked the relationship between software developers, entrepreneurship, and depression.

The study also found out that many of the personality traits that the entrepreneurs have -- "creativity, extroversion, open mindedness and a propensity for risk" -- are also behaviors associated with ADHD, "bipolar spectrum conditions, depression and substance abuse."

While developing Elgg, we should not forget to let both the plugin and core developers be aware of the risks of pushing our ambitions beyond the healthy limits. And if there are some who have concerns, please ask for help before it is too late. Remember, these "bipolar spectrum conditions, depression and substance abuse" can creep in without notice.

For more information, read Silicon Valley’s Secret

Hope this can help someone.