Display video Files in APPLE products

How do you display video files in apple products?  I can't figure out for the life of me since files are served through PHP.  It works fine on android and windows but not on apple products.


using html5:

<video  controls='true' autoplay muted loop> 
  <source src='http://mysite.com/file/download/23423' type=video/mp4'>&gt;

Ignore &gt; its being added on this post automatically

  • For iOS the server must support Range headers. Elgg 2.3 uses Symfony's BinaryFileResponse so should work.

  • How would I know if my server supports range headers?  I'm still on a old version of egg

  • I don't think it's a server issue (i.e. you can't do anything from the Elgg-side to fix it).

    Most likely it's a browser issue. I have no experience with MacOS at all, so I can't test anything myself. What browser are you using? Is it the latest version of the browser? If it's Safari, have you tested if it works with Chrome or Firefox? I also found a posting at https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7683587 where someone also has a problem with html5 videos not playing. In this case it was due to a ClickToFlash extension in Safari. If you have this extension, you might want to try if it works without this extension enabled. Or maybe some other browser extension is causing the problem in your case.

  • Range support is required for iOS streaming per Apple. For old Elgg, you'll need to write a plugin and have basically two options:

    1. Move audio/video into a public directory and have the webserver send them.
    2. Serve them using BinaryFileResponse or some other less-trusted code that handles ranges.