Elgg does not accept special characters

(Accent , cedilla, etc ). Como se traduzir para o meu idioma como palavras ficam feias sem os acentos

Example: the word Notification is left without the cedilla and without the uncle

The error is in my server?

  • Where does this happen? Elgg 2.x supports up to 3-byte UTF-8. Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn.

  • where happens? in the my site! all time that will tradudiz a plugin stays without the characters find that the php not sends accents to the bank mysql

  • Tell us the precise steps to duplicate the problem.

  • Are you using an 2.x Elgg version at all (preferrably latest 2.3)?

    What's the encoding set in the browser you use (is it utf8)? If it's not utf8 and especially when copy+paste stuff into the browser from applications maybe also not using utf8 the special characters could get lost before they can even be saved in the database. And if the encoding set in the browser isn't utf8 the special characters might just not get correctly displayed even if they are correctly saved in the database.

    What's the encoding of the database / database tables? Is it utf8 or at least an encoding that supports the special characters you need to be supported? If not, the special characters might not get saved correctly in the database. I think Elgg does create the database with utf8 encoding nowadays. But if you are using an older version of Elgg (or have used initially) this might not be the case with your site.