Major Upgrade’s 1.8.14 to current.

Major Upgrade’s 1.8.14 to current.

Looking to upgrade my Elgg from 1.8.14 to current version.  27+upgrades.

Going to version 1.90 update from version 1.8.14 and have a quick question are the security release additional Elgg that need to be installed past version 1.9.7?

V1.9.7 install security release 1.10.0 threw 1.11.6 and install v2.0.0 alpha 1 then security for v2.0.0alpha.1? so on and so on.

The last security update is v2.2.4 then install v2.3.0 and so on?

And should I disable all the plugins?


  • For each minor branch, upgrade just to the latest release (1.9.8, 1.10.6, et al).

    Practices vary regarding plugins. In your case, I would disable all 3rd-party plugins to make each intermediate upgrade easy, then on 2.3 start enabling them and seeing what breaks (watch your error_log!).

    For shorter upgrade paths (when I upgraded 1.9 to 1.12) I might enable plugins after each minor upgrade to minimize the number of bugs I take on at once. YMMV.

    Obviously do this with tested backups in place on a non-production copy!

    Good luck and we'll be here for you.

  • It's probably worth your time to try putting your 3rd-party plugins in a fresh 2.3 install first to see what you're up against.

    Also, I wouldn't do this without having my site in git as a branch off the official repo. E.g. clone the tag matching your Elgg version, make your own branch, add all your plugins to your branch. Then each upgrade operation is just 1 command: git merge <next_tag>, like git merge 1.9.8