Where can I get text of the comments saved by pressing "Comment" button?

A user can add a comment to an existing blog, and while while actions/blog/save.php file saves the initial blog content, I am clear as to how comments are saved. 

In the browser I see the following end-point


Which file(s) do I need to look into to process comments before they are saved into the database?


  • actions\comment\save.php
  • @RvR my mod/blog/actions directory does not have comment/save.php. It only contains /blog/save.php.


    If I copy vendor/elgg/elgg/actions/comment/save.php to blog/actions/comment/save.php and modify it, will my changes be reflected correctly?


    I am going to try it anyway.

  • Beter if you do it in your own plugin not a blog.

    Just create a simple your own plugin and copy from /vendor folder to your plugin mod with the same path_to_files, e.g.:



    In future, just copy and paste all needed files to this your plugin

    Read more about customization also

  • @RvR okay will create another plugin; however, I copied the comment/save.php file from /vendor and put  a test elgg_log message in it, but it is not getting logged in the error log file. I checked that error log is correctly logging messages from blog/save.php


    After copying the file from /vendor is there some other setting/steps to register the file? I also modified start.php to register comment/save


  • @RvR Nevermind, the action_path was wrong -- was still pointing to /blog...


    Thanks for your help.


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