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Hi All,

I can't reply to any of the post so I'm this creating this post. 

I've been catching up on the elgg community. I tried elgg a long time ago and saw potential usage for my company, but decided against it.

I see potential for elgg to fit in enterprise environments more so than a public community application. 

I think it would make a lot more sense to follow what magnolia-cms.com or dozen other open source enterprise communities are doing.

  1. you still retain "open-ness" (MIT, GPL, etc)
  2. core developers are compensated by support, msa contract, or custom work from clients

The argument that there are "leechers" is absurd. In order for an open source project to survive, you must have adoption. Adopters (leechers) are usually your paying customer. My company have service agreements with multiple open source project for support.

The problems with elgg

  1. adoption is slowing down
  2. open source competitors (humhub, minds) are innovating much faster
  3. developer are frustrated with the existing tool set
  4. lack of compensation for core developers
  5. elgg UI is dated
Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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