Event calendar 0.8 released

You can get the 0.8 version of the event calendar here:


This release fixes a bug in the plugin that made the previous version fail to work properly with Elgg 1.6.1.

It will work, however, with Elgg 1.5 and above.

In addition to several bug fixes, this version has numerous new features which can be toggled on in the event_calendar settings area under Tool administration.

This includes the often requested start and finish times.

See CHANGES.txt and README.txt for more information.

  • How can i change the widget so it shows all events.

  • I'm trying to get events to work nicely with groups (using elgg 1.6.1):

    Group events didn't display at all in a group untill I switched m.name_id for m2.name_id (in mod/event_calendar/models/model.php line 290 or so), the start and end numbers seemed to need to be reversed.

    Then group events don't appear in the group calendar for members of the group who are not owners. This is because there are no accesscollections owned by the members of a group, I started investigating how this should perhaps work, but in the end decided its probably best to ask how this is supposed to work?

    I've also commented out the contents of groups_write_acl_plugin_hook in mod\groups\start.php to avoid getting groups listed twice in the access permissions bit of event editing.

    Also the 'today' selector on the calendar seems to jump to the first of the current month (noticable when day/week is selected at the bottom of the calendar widget), and the next fails when week is selected.

  • @Adam:

    I did find a bug for group events, but not the one you mentioned. The group event calendars display events properly for me with no code changes.

    However, the group widget that displays the 5 upcoming events for that group on the group front page is only displayed if the group calendar is explicitly turned on for that group by editing the group. Unless otherwise configured, it *should* always display. I am looking at how to fix that.

    I get no duplicate groups in the access dropdown, so I think that this may be a problem caused by another plugin on your site.

    I will test the Today selector to see if I can duplicate that problem.

  • I should add that I do not advise editing the model.php file as I don't think that the change you suggest is the actual solution for the behaviour you are describing, and it is likely to stop other things from working properly.

  • I have fixed the problem with the group widget and will put the fix in the next release.

    I can verify the unexpected behaviour of Today and Next. I'm not sure why Today is not working and am investigating. The issue for Next is that it is really meant to send you to the beginning of the next Month only and this has strange effects when in Week mode. I will see if I can make this behave more as expected for the next release,

    Thanks for the bug report!

  • @Kevin very odd about the groups thing - looking at the code I couldn't see how it was supposed to work... I do have various comunity modified plugins, though mostly dissabled in this case (I enabled other plugins and tried setting things to group permissions and they also have the same problem - regular non-admin members of the group cannot see that content). For the moment I'm ignoring groups and have reverted that change to model.php and events do still display, so I guess that was a blind alley of debugging I got stuck in. I'll have to experiment with a clean 1.6.1 to see whats got broken I guess. Thanks for looking into it.

  • @Kevin - I just retested it with a clean elgg1.6.1 and using a new database and user, the files plugin rather than the events one, thus avoiding any contamination.

    I was able to repoduce both the duplicate group names problem and the non-admin member of group not seeing group items problems.

    To me this proves its a generic elgg problem, but I find it odd that you can't repoduce this?

  • @antifmradio Until this version there was no time setting at all. Not in this plugin.


    And yes, it is 24 hour time.

  • My issue has to be due to something I am doing because the problem is so obvious. I installed beta .8 on 1.5. All settings are off except for 1) (add starting times as well as dates), and 2) (only admins can post events on site calendar). I add an event and the date becomes 1 January, 1970 once I press the submit button and view the event. I then edit the event and find that the date fields are empty. The empty fields are apparently causing the 1 January, 1970 to display. Time works fine. The event then fails to show on the event calendar, which I assume is due to the date being well past the present date. Also tried typing in the dates rather than using the calendar, no change. I am using Firefox but tried it with IE 6 with same results. I also tried using both the start and end date fiields. Same thing. Then placed restrictions on first and last allowable dates. No change. Any ideas?