google fred update why now

hi my frends

What do you know about google fred update?

And how to avoid it

My site has been affected

Please help me

الحمد لله

القرآن الكريم

  • I hate SEO crap.

    Anyway, this isn't an Elgg specific issue, better place to ask about this is on SEO forums.

  • It seems that Fred is a link quality algorithm update, which means that the Fred algorithm measures a site according to the other sites that are pointing links back to it.

    Here are a few things you can do to reduce the damages to your site's google SEO ranking.

    Do not use the Classic Analytics tag, it is now becoming obsolete! Instead, use a Universal tag in order to keep up with google SEO.

    Avoid using annoying pop-ups and excessive ads use for users especially for mobile users.

    Do not use poor quality site links techniques --- Google has decided to use the algorithm script to detect private blog networks also known as (PBNs) and subtract value from the links that come from these blogs or sites that are maintained by webmasters and SEO professionals. So, to be safe, choose quality over quantity ( total number of links) of backlinks.

    Do not only depend on your website dofollow links: dofollow links might not be reliable. Make sure that each link or backlink is relevant to the context.

    Use diverse anchor text: when building your elgg based site, use a natural anchor text that have naked URLs, generic words and business keywords, and brand names.

    Avoid using automated scripts tools also known as bots to create backlinks through large volumes of blogs, groups, pages, thewire, activity page, and comments on your elgg site.

    Last but not least, do not practice link exchange or paid links that is also known as link pyramids scheme!

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  • great, after about 5 years of my site being almost completely missing in google for it's own domain keyword (ureka) it is now visible on page 2 of the listings for that word. i think this is possibly due to the latest google update.