integration for elgg is a great, open source server app for hosting realtime chat, audio/video calls and a bunch of other features. in short, it is like running your own version of skype on your own server.

i have tested it for months on my server and i would like to fully integrate it into my elgg site, so that the user lists are synced between the two databases. i started writing a plugin to do this a few months ago, but at that time i found that's api didn't have enough features to allow me to do the integration without a lot of extra customisations to since is written in meteor and i have no experience with it, i instead asked the devs to extend the API when they can. it now looks like they have integrated everything i asked them for.. so it is possible to write a good elgg plugin for

i am wondering if anyone here has already created such a plugin? or is interested in doing so?

if i have to do it on my own then i will, but i am seriously busy here with other work and tasks - so i would love to have help or just to find others who will do it. i know gerard's team have already done this work, but he doesn't want to share it as Open Source.


  • I will be happy to advise with the API design, but have no time to do it myself.

  • thanks Ismayil. if i were to design it at present, i would probably just use a modular approach and not rely on classes - so it would probably be a good idea for you, as a seasoned class builder to go ahead and lay out a framework of that kind - since classes are generally accepted to be the future for elgg plugins.