Autopopulating fields from a previous registration form

Hey all,

So I really appreciate this plugin, but I want to know how I can pre-populate fields? I haven't really looked at the code yet, I was thinking someone can save me some time;)

If not, I'll post my results here.

Thanks in advance,

Mahmoud Abdelkader

  • You get the form entity using the form_get_maps(form_id).
    For each entry in the maps, get the field id for this entry
    This field has an internal_name, which if matches, should be set with the form

    I'll see if I can use flexprofile_set_data() function instead. Will report back results.



  • form_set_data($entity, $data)

    This function takes an array data, with the internal_data strings as array access keys, which has instantiated stdClass() objects per field definition (internal_data strings). The attribute "value" stores the value respective to it's internal data string.

    $entity is the ElggEntity that allows metadata, for flexprofile, it's the ElggUser.

  • Looks like form_set_data() and flexprofile_set_data() are exactly the same function.

    Looks like the metadata is being set using create_metadata(), so you can technically get the $user object and just use the regular metadata methods to set and retrieve values.

    For example, if a form field internal_id is "flex_plugin" then $user->flex_plugin = "somevalue"; or echo $user->flex_plugin; would work


  • Yep, just confirmed it

    $user->setMetaData(%internal_name%, %value%);

    works fine.

    I think it would be wise, however, to use form_set_data() to control the access. You can always use access_id to override it.

    Hope this helps someone:)

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