SSL difficulties with old Elgg version

Hi. I 've installed an SSL certificate for my Elgg version 1.8.13 - I'm not really a dinosaur but upgrading now would probably be suicidal!  Anyway when I link to the login page has the green padlock in address bar but has lost its css. The rest of the site is OK but shows no padlock in the address bar.  I have the allow https box checked in Admin Advanced Settings.

I haven't tried forcing https in an htaccess file as imagine css would go missing there too. When I go to a test user's Settings page the unsafe login pops up on that page with unsafe padlock icon, etc.

Is there any way around all this to cover all my Elgg with SSL without loosing the css?

Thanks for any help. I could find nothing on this site about this topic except for one entry in Spanish that was not answered.


  • Go to admin basic settings and add https://  to the site's url. Hope that helps.

  • Wow - such an easy solution! Now both the login and logout page and the admin pages  show the green triangle.  The remaining pages all show a yellow triangle  and i icon says partial protection - thought maybe that was due to header image so changed link in theme mod but no go. Will have to work on it but at least my users will no longer be scared by the new browser warnings when they log in and out. Many thanks Dave. You have been a very great help.


  • You most welcome.

    To fix the yellow triangle to show green, you will have to update the site url in database using the https:// url as you have it in the basic settings.

  • Actually the green padlock now shows for all pages except one. I managed that by finding a couple of images that were being called from http:// links. Thanks for your last advice. I will try it for the remaining page that does not show green.

  • I really wonder if it's the database. The one page that I'm talking about is the main index page. At first login the padlock is green. Same if I go to Admin pages then back to it - still green. But if I go to any other page (mod) then back to main index it's no longer green. Don't want to go into database unless I have to as not too comfortable in that area. I have a cron that usually cleans it up every week but since hosting company recently transfered me to new server it hasn't functioned.

  • Finally solved my SSL related problem! Now all pages have the green padlock in address bar. The culprit was a remaining url in Admin under Configure , Appearance > Menu Items

    Great to have it all solved. Now my users will no longer be scared by the new browser insecure connection warnings!