Subscription fee for Elgg site (Paypal)

I need a plugin to charge a yearly subscription fee for Elgg site with Paypal.

If anyone can help, It would be much appreciated.

  • There is ArckInteractive's Stripe subscriptions on Github

  • On a side note PayPal is a mess right now. Their APIs have been transitioning for years, there is a lot you can't do, and being a "global leader" they can't even hire developers that know what they are doing. Their data model is incomprehensible and painful to work with, not to mention exuberantly fees and cheating exchange rates. They have bought Braintree in hopes to compete with Stripe and integrate their REST API, in the end they ruined it. I have been avoiding PayPal as much as I can and if you care about long-term success and maintainability of your project, you should as well.

  • The ArckInteractive's Stripe subscriptions on Github is outdated and not working in current Elgg version.

  • I know for a fact that it does because it is used on one of our dev sites.

  • Not just dev sites, it's on at least 2 current production sites running Elgg 2.3

  • Yes Stripe subscriptions is running on various sites, but has been modified. The latest download version is not working properly.

    This is how "Manage plans" should look:

    And this is how it looks from downloaded plugin:

    Also you get a message you must enable "Web services" even when the plugin is enabled, and when customers sign there are no customers listed in stripe customers:

    And the error you get after loging in:

    Does this seem to work then?!



  • Admin notices don't vanish automatically. You need to dismiss them. And if the reason why they got displayed is no longer valid (in this case the web_services plugin now enabled) they shouldn't re-appear.

    As for the plugin itself. I'm not using it myself but just installed it myself out out curiosity. It looks fine for me. Are you sure that you installed the latest versions of Stipe and Stripe Subscriptions? Are you sure that not another plugin (your theme) is causing the problem on your site?

  • I get the same in other themes, and the admin notice does re-appear. Must be an other plugin that causing the problem. Also why is "Site Subscription - Manage Plans" not displaying complete in admin.

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