change password is failing in elgg 2.1.3

anyone know why this is occurring and how to solve it?

  1. change password for existing account
  2. system logs user in
  3. log out
  4. log in again
  5. system rejects new password and user cannot login

this is occurring for me and other users.

  • I am having this problem in elgg 2.3.3. The user forget the password can not recover. Elgg is not sending password reset emails. I have read I already made sure the email is correct and everything is ok. MTA and PHP is configured correctly. When I invite a friend to my network, elgg sends email normally. Logical that in this situation I am logged. I've even deactivated the validate user email plugin. Does anyone know of any solutions?
  • If it sends email then it sends email, there is no difference between the sending of one email and another, it all goes through the same function.  If you are right in your assertion that MTA is properly configured and php can properly send via mail() then it's likely getting picked up by spam filters.

  • Hello Matt, thank you for your attention. So can I have a spam filter on my server? As I said, when logged in and I invite friend to network, everything works. But when I am logged out and request to recover password, the recovery email does not arrive in the destination email. I've checked that the MTA is ok with PHP. But in doubt I opened a ticket on the support on my server. I'm posting the events here.
  • According to FAQ below:

    Everything works fine. Could someone have an idea why not send email to user when he asked for password recovery?

    I solved this problem by running the file below on my server. I do not know why but that solved things.


    <? Php
    $ Address = "";
    $ Subject = 'Testar email.';
    $ Body = 'Se você pode ler isso, seu e-mail está funcionando.';
    Echo "Tentando enviar por email $ address ... <br />";
    Se (mail ($ endereço, $ assunto, $ corpo)) {
            Echo 'SUCCESS! O PHP enviou emails com sucesso para o seu MTA. Se você não vê o e-mail em sua caixa de entrada em alguns minutos, há um problema com seu MTA. ';
    } outro {
            Echo 'ERROR! O PHP não pode enviar e-mails para o seu MTA. Verifique se as suas configurações de PHP estão corretas para o seu MTA e seu MTA enviará e-mails. ';
  • If you only have a problem with the emails to be sent on password recovery when logged out it might be a problem with your site being a walled-garden site. Have you tested if the password recovery email is sent if you temporarily disable the walled-garden option? Are you using the walled-garden feature of Elgg core ("restrict pages to logged in users" on the advanced settings page) or are you using the Login Required plugin?

    If you still have a problem even without walled-garden, then try without 3rd party plugins enabled - or at least without ANY plugin (including your theme) that hasn't been explicitely recommended to be compatible with versions 2.x of Elgg. It's just so that plugins developed for Elgg 1.x are not all compatible with Elgg 2 and you might experience issues if you use any plugins not properly upgraded.

  • Thank you Master Iionly. Everything's solved. I believe it was PHP / MTA configuration on the server. Everything works.