Crowdfunding plugin for Elgg based sites now available!

Hello Elgg community!

Long time haven't done anything worth for you guys here but...hopefully today I'll recover some good credits :)

I'm very happy to announce that, thanks to an italian funding partner, Co-energia, working on solidarity economy projects and recognizing ours as trustworthy other than in line with solidarity economy movement's ethical principles, crowdfunding plugin is now avaiable open source!

Possible use cases:

  1. Here on community hope you managers will add it to crowd fund great plugin/theme ideas for all Elgg users :)
  2. Start your own Elgg-based crowdfunding site
  3. If point 1 not true -> Add your great idea as improvement for our own community,, trying to engage actual end users. 

Want to see it on duty? Here

Yeah yeah ok here's the link to download and test it :P

And here many related payment plugins for you to choose from!

Here the sharing tool

Here the mapping one 


What do you think?

I hope this will help Elgg further show how flexible and great is.

This was a very big effort for us, both financially and for working hours so, If you can, please:

  • show your appreciation by donating something  via Paypal here or via Bank Transfer whose details are in our site's footer;
  • contribute with you developer skills to keep it alive, safe, updated and free!

Happy Elgging!