Seo using Schema org

Seems that elgg sites are not liked as much as sites sites built around wordpress.. I understand that elgg is designed to be a social site. However, what good is a social site if no one can find it and the content isn't easily indexed by google.

Seems that a plug in could be added to blog, page, or others that allow the author to fill in fields and it inserts the json-ld code.

I have started to do this manually to see how google likes it..

I have read that the bookmarks may also be an issue so ill also disallow google from indexing that and other sections

Any other suggestions? The idea behind this site is a knowledge base for real estate agents to promote areas of a city so it is important for only agents who are invited by me to access and produce content for the world to find and read

  • @seanschroeder, I am developing an Elgg plugin that uses Schema markup code for Elgg profile to help the search engines return more informative results for Elgg users.

    When an Elgg site has schema markup in place, users online can see in the search engine result pages (SERPs) what a Elgg site is all about, plus plenty of other stuff.

    Schema markup will help Elgg site rank better for all kinds of content types. Today, there are data markup for…

    • thewire
    • blogs
    • Local businesses
    • Restaurants
    • Book Reviews
    • pages
    • groups
    • Events
    • Products

    There are hundreds of markup types — the sky is the limit.

    "Schema tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says."

    The new elgg plugin i am working on using using Schema markups will be available for download soon.



  • There are hundreds of markup types

    It can do easily if your site has a specific niche. We did it using own customizations for our eStore

    Just add the additional attributes in outputs:

    $vars['itemprop'] = 'url';  //for links
    $vars['itemprop'] = 'image';  //for pics

    Then add 'itemprop' attributes for objects summary and metas (in this case, you can register the plugin hook 'head', 'page').


  • what versions will this work with?  I think I am using 1.9 on the site.. 
    Since I have been cutting an pasting the JSON-LD code into each page, blog, group etc. I have started to see the search results I wanted. 

    I have another site that is running, i think 2.3.  I have yet to start manually adding to it.. but it will be my next project.

    can you provide the plugin link? Or you can email it to me if it isn't yet available 

    best regards,