Embed media not working for me

Embed/Upload media in all posts[blog,forum,comments] is not working for me.Upload media working fine,but when i click on  Embed media a Dropdown menu "All"appears.I can't see any blank field where i can add embed code.Help plz!

  • $content = htmlentities($content, ENT_COMPAT, "UTF-8");

    we have just it in the last version but continues to work wrong. :(


    • I have v1.5 installed on my Dev system and embed works on that.
    • Everyone seems to be saying "it does not work for me" and are looking for "patches".. the real solution will most likely come from **debugging a particular install...
    • As can be seen by the embedded dancing man some way above - it does work here - so the problem is not in the code,
    • Works ok here on Community.Elgg, works ok on my Dev.. ! does not work somewhere else... ?
    • If people can see this (blind people excused) - of course it works !!!image
  • To Embed a media file into your page:

    1. Make sure you have the "Embed" plugin enabled

    • Go to top nav administration and click on "Tools Administration"

    2. Create a blog post: (blog plugin needs to be enabled)

    • click on top nave tools >> blogs
    • click on "Write a blog post"
    • enter title
    • enter some text in the editor

    3. To embed media into blog post

    • click on Add/Remove editor link on bottom right corner of editor
    • notice the HTML editor is turned on
    • click on Embed / upload media link on top right corner of editor
    • Upload new media or choose existing media
    • notice html code is inserted into the html editor
    • click on Add/Remove editor link on bottom right corner of editor

    and..... wahhlaaaaaa you now have inserted your media into your post

    dancing kitties galore!

    Break-dancing kitty
    Break-dancing kitty
    Break-dancing kitty
    Break-dancing kitty
    Break-dancing kitty
    Break-dancing kitty
    Break-dancing kitty
    Break-dancing kitty

    I don't think i have permission to upload media on this (elgg) site but you can just copy and paste the code from any webpage.

    wow this editor is nice! great job - it's like writing a page locally with writing software...

    thanks Dhrup, Sherlock, johnnyspade for the directions above!


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  • whooohoo - ok i'm on my way.. going to see if i can make the "add/remove" editor link bring the upload media window up black out the screen with layout so user doesn't see the html insert and then tinymce editor appears when user clicks on media to insert.. at least will give it a shot...


  • I believe the issue here is where your TinyMCE plugin is located in your Tools list. Try moving TinyMCE to the bottom of the plugin list and see if that solves the problem. It worked for me.

    I had a lightbulb go off in my brain this afternoon that told me the reason I may be having problems was because of where the WYSIWYG editor was loading in the scheme of things.

  • Can media only be embedded in a blog post ? Can't a, for instance, music file, MP3, be embedded in a "page". Also, that music file ... is there a trick to streaming it, whether in the blog, or page ? I'm in 1.5 and I've enabled zaudio. If I click on the file, I just see the file and have the option to download.

    Thanks in advance for constructive advice.

  • Hi. Sorry about my english.

    I think I found what is the problem with TinyMCE and Embed. TinyMCE override the embed/addcontentjs.php. Then, TinyMCE must be after Embed in the plugin list AND if you had your own theme in the last position (as I have), you must verify you don't override addcontentjs.php with the original Embed version (as I had do).


  • Hi. Help me please. My files have russian/ukrainian names. In database they in utf8. And in file page (http://site/mod/file/world.php) they have correct names. But when I click "Embed / upload media" anywhere I see ban names (you can see it here http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/3431/49980528.jpg).

    Who knows how fixed this problem, help please

  • I followed brooklyntam's advice and got it to work to some degree. 

    I uploaded and embedded an audio file into a page I had created. However it didn't embed it into the file so much as create a link to where the file was hosted on my elgg site. So the only way to listen to the audio is to go to that specific file page and play it.


    1) Why did it not embed it into my page as an audio file, but chose to create a link to the file?
    2) Is this actually what the feature is supposed to do and am I being stupid?