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I am looking for an advertising plugin for the latest version of elgg (2.3) I don't want to advertise with adsense but rather post my own customized ads. Basically something similar to facebook, an image(logo) with a web address above it and a short (140-250 character) description below. It should appear in the right side as with FB and should be clickable.

  • Can't you just do it with HTML? Do you need an adversiting plugin for that?

  • hi ismayil, it would be great if the ads automatically showed up and rotated on the different pages on my site.

  • Try and see how this plugin works.

    You can generate your own ads without using google ad sense or even facebook ads plugin!

  • Hi Tom, this may be a stupid question, but this group is for beginners so here it goes..... Will the Plugin you recommended work for the latest version of Elgg (2.3)

    I only ask because when I visit the link you gave it only mentions version 1.8

  • @PeterB , Thanks for your concern. It has been a while since i worked on that plugin due to change in my work schedule. I will update it soon to work with elgg 2.3 versions.

    However, You can look and see how the HTML have been used on the elgg side of the plugin.


  • Hi @Tom, do you have a plugin to add easy HTML to the side bar of an Elgg site?

  • @Ismayil, at the beginning of the thread you mentioned that it might be easier to accomplish this with HTML. Please could you advise ghow I could go about adding HTML to the side bar of my site? Thanks

  • @PeterB, You could just use any way to display your ads as you wish. Ismayil probably means that you can design your ads in html the way you want, and making a plugin for doing just that is a bit of an overhead. But you could just use any other adserver or way of displaying your ads of your choice.

    Here is a small tutorial on how you can extend the sidebar showing something custom:

  • Each add is a piece of HTML code:





    Extend the sidebar with a view elgg_extend_view('page/elements/sidebar', 'ads/rotator'), and add  /views/default/ads/rotator.php:

    $ad = '';while(!$ad) {​   $index = rand(0, 999);   $ad = elgg_view("ads/ad/$index.html");}echo $ad;
  • Thank you Dries and Ismayil,

    That was very helpfull. @Ismayil, for some reason, the program I am using said that there is a syntax error in line one..

    $ad = '';while(!$ad) {​ $index = rand(0, 999);

    I'm not a programmer by any strech of the imagination so I could not figure it out. I did use part of the code though just to test what the HTML would look like 

    $ad = elgg_view("ads/ad/ad1.html");

    echo $ad;

    An issue I am having now is getting images and CSS styling to show up on the ADvert. I found that if I just use page styling and not attach it to a CSS sheet then it works. Fine that is no problem, but I cant get images to show up, it only gives the alternate text for the image. Any ideas why this could be?

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