Group Tools - Group Emails issue

By Len

Hi all

We are testing on ELGG2.2.3 at the moment.

We use the Groups and Group Tools plugin. We tested the Group Export feature successfully whereby we as Group owners / admins can export a list of group members directly to CSV - no problems here.

However - I tried to send a group email from the group, and even though the feature is set to allow this in the settings, and the button and screen works, I can create the email on the page etc, when I click the Send button, nobody receives the email.

And to top it all, the Statistic for Group Emails Sent count in the Statistics Dashboard increases by one, recording that a Group Email has been sent.

But nobody receives an email.

Other email features are working. Like when I post a discussion, and someone Likes it, or replies to it, I get an email notification. But no Group Email goes out.

Where do I begin to debug what the problem might be?

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