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Why is not performed anywhere Likes like Facebook Please help Tnvez with Adavhalmtabaan addition Alamuavgah friendship requests for property


  • @Abdulaziz

    Can you make this code such as adding fabricators to my website for ease of

    It's easy.

    1. Just make 2 files: manifest.xml and start.php with above code
    2. Choose name for your plugin (you can use 'hello') and create folder with this name
    3. Add these 2 files into /mod/hello and activate your plugin via Administration -> Plugins
    4. Done!

    Can you join us like this script

    I don't understand what you meant :(

  • @Abdulaziz I absolutely don't understand what you want at all. There's not a single sentence in your postings explaining what functionality you are asking for. And I also don't know if the suggestion of @RvR has even any relevance for you.

    Before asking for any additional help you should first explain what you want. Maybe writing in English is a problem for you. Then it might be better to post in your native language (at least in addition to posting in English). Maybe Google translate will be able to translate your posting in native language into an understandable text.

  • Add codes possibilities such as Facebook
    For example - the possibility to accept the friend request -Add the possibility of follow-up - Add Likes to sign pictures, publications and everything

  • The possibility of adding publication-post

  • I want to clarify more or help the most novice and I want you to be facilitated by Li and make them add

  • I don't understand what you want. Your English is absolutely not understandable. Sorry to say so. But I think no one understands what you are trying to say. Maybe posting in your native language helps us to understand you. But we just can't give you any help if we don't understand what you are asking for.

    Do you want friend requests with approval? Then use

    What about liking? I have no idea what you want. You can already like any type of content you can add with the bundled plugins and also added with many 3rd party plugins. If a plugin doesn't support liking yet, you can enable it for the plugin's content by adding

    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('likes:is_likable', 'object:SUBTYPE', 'Elgg\Values::getTrue');

    to the plugin's init function in start.php. You only need to replace SUBTYPE with the actual subtype string used by the plugin.

    What more can we tell you about how to add it? It's just this one line of code to add. If you still have problems to understand, read the documentation ( and the tutorials (

  • This extension does not run on the latest version of elgg

  • Version 5.0 of the Friend Request plugin seems to work perfectly fine on Elgg 2.3. Elgg major releases are backward compatible. So, a plugin written for Elgg 2.0 should also work fine on Elgg 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. Only on Elgg 3.0 is can be that it will no longer work because a new major release isn't fully backward compatible. If a plugin fails to work nonetheless, it's either because a plugin hasn't been fully compatible with the major Elgg version in the first place or the new minor Elgg release broke compatibility unintentionally.

    A plugin developer might not have updated the list of recommended Elgg versions after a new Elgg minor release came out just because it's time consuming to do it (and he might like to spend this time rather with working on plugins instead). And as I said, it should be a rare case that a plugin stops working on a new minor release on Elgg 2 (on Elgg 1 this was more likely because the backward compatibility was not handled as strictly yet).

    The Friend request plugin works fine for me on Elgg 2.3.0 though. So I see no reason not to use it.

  • Can you add people Continue property