NC for a website already up with elgg but needing help on specifics


I am an experienced IT analyst and coder, but I have not worked with elgg before.

I have created the elgg site but I am not a PHP coder so either NI or NC to get me over the hurdles to what I want.

The major thing I would like to achieve is to allow access to the site via sub-domains, where if you enter a specific sub-domain you would only have visibility of only those groups and members which are part of the sub-domain. Those who enter the global domain would see all (ie no SQL filtering)

Secondly, I would like TI to know how to access the actual data for reporting from the metabase.

I have clear specifications and at this stage a limited budget, but it could develop to a significant budget, so please contact me to discuss.




  • I have implemented something similar before and it's a pain in the ass. If there is any way for you to avoid subdomains, avoid them. Elgg's routing is closely tied to page URL, so you are looking a handful of problems to deal with.

  • thanks Ismayil

    If I chose to do this a different way, say by implementing sub-groups and limiting access to a specific group instead of a domain, would that work?

    Are you interested in helping if I did this? 

    I cannot find anyone available on to do elgg work.


  • @philosofree the group_tools plugin has a feature where users auto-join groups based on their emaildomain. If you make all those groups closed groups, you could maybe achieve what you need..

  • Feel free to send me an email and I can at least give you some estimates. Not sure fiverr rates is something I am willing to slave myself for :) Try or, you can't really set a price on plugin development until you know the requirements, there is always a margin for bug fixes, testing, changing requirements, unexpected challenges etc.

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