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Hello all,

I'm the business lead for the Government of Canada's open source digital collaboration team that's been running an Elgg instance since 2009.

We're longtime fans of the work you've all done and have made a commitment to giving back to this community that has supported us for many years.

Over the next few weeks and beyond, we'll be working to update a number of our plug-ins to the latest version of Elgg as well as getting up to speed on your development processes and helping out with some issues.

We look forward to helping Elgg get even better and welcome any feedback or direction. Just tell us how we can help.

All the best,

  • Great to hear, Chris. Welcome to the community and looking forward to collaborating with you.

    Github is the best place for development discussions - there are many issues that could use some love, as well as PRs that need to be reviewed/patched. As a general rule, the core team members tend to concentrate on what's closer to their needs/heart/expertise, so there is no set of priorities. Feel free to bump issues that you would want to work on.

    As far as the plugin development goes, you would be making everyone a favor by making sure your plugins are compatible with composer and are registered on packagist. It will make installing and updating plugins a lot easier.


  • Thanks, Ismayil.

    Our team is already active on GitHub/Elgg and we're migrating all our internal plug-ins to packagist.

    Thanks for the warm welcome and we'll see you on GitHub.

    If you ever need to chat, I'm toferc on GitHub and Twitter.



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Feedback and Planning

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