Video is not allowing Group page to be displayed with navigation or formatting ( No CSS is being loaded )

I have created a group and installed the Videos plugin.  When I click on the group name in the right column ( before adding a video ) the group information is displayed withing the navigation of the page.  However, when I add a video ( using the Group Video I have the Video Plugin activated )and then click on the group name in the right column which is above the Group Menu I get a naked page no navigation, no css being applied - this only occurs when I add a video.
NOTE: the same Naked page occurs whenever I view the group under /groups/profile/80/(group name)
any suggestions?

  • Oh.. I should also add I have installed version 2.3

  • Sounds like a bug in the Videos plugin. It's likely caused by the html code inserted by the Videos plugin into a posting to embed a video having some syntax error (e.g. missing a closing tag). As I'm not using the Videos plugin I can't tell if this is only occuring in some situations (e.g. only in groups or only when embedding a video from a certain site or when some other circumstances occur). Maybe it helps to ask the developer of the Videos plugin directly if it's a known bug or if there's some specific way to follow when adding a video to prevent this issue or if it might be an issue specific on Elgg 2.3.

  • I grew tired of the video plug in and finally found in the code how to unregister the html stripping code.. I can now embed YouTube and other content without any issues.. Yay!! Before anyone says.. Oh but the security issues, it is not a concern.

    This also gives me the ability to add Json-ld scripts to various pages without the system babysitting me.  Now the only issue is getting google to actually index the site. Google doesnt seem to like Elgg based sites.