dynamic seo plugin breaks default profile avatars

hi i am running elgg 2.3.0 i installed everything was working fine i added about 20 plugins everything was working great i added the dynmaic seo plugin located here https://elgg.org/plugins/1555823 everything seems to continue to work fine and the plugin works as it should except when i turn on the option to allow fixed avatar urls it does work as expected but my default profile images that are shown if the user does not upload a picture break the gray man images when the feature is on the link to the image is http://www.nubbyswasteland.com/_graphics/icons/user/defaultlarge.gif when the switch is off the link to the image changes to http://www.nubbyswasteland.com/cache/1485788648/default/icons/user/defaultlarge.gif  note the _graphics folder does not exist in the root of my installation i can manually create _graphics/icons/user/ and copy the images there and make it work but im not sure if its breaking anything else 




  • The latest release of the SEO plugin has been made 2 years ago when Elgg 1.10 was the current latest Elgg version. At least some parts of the code of this plugin are not compatible with Elgg 2.X anymore and the plugin would need to be updated to fully work again on present Elgg versions. Possibly some work is going on at the moment to get the SEO plugin compatible with Elgg 2.X (some recent changes have been made at https://github.com/centillien/metatags).

    For the moment I would suggest to not use the SEO plugin. You can ask at https://elgg.org/plugins/1555823/releases/1.10.2 if a new release is available soon.

  • Hi it seems to work on except for that one issue so I can just copy the default images to that folder as a workaround for now.

    I have one more question if I lock the site to only members eg: when not signed in you only see login register page does this also stop search engine indexing of the rest of the site?