trying to call elgg_view_module() function for Pages, seeking prototype to understand

I am new to the ELGG concept of doing things.  I guess you can say I'm old school PHP :) using functions from a library verse the object model.  With that said, 

I am messing with the custom_page plugin (trying to learn), within the file /public_html/mod/custom_index/views/default/custom_index/content.php

I see the following code to display groups.  So, I searched the elgg site for a function protoype for elgg_view_module()  and was unable to find it.


// groups
if (elgg_is_active_plugin('groups')) {
    echo elgg_view_module('featured',  elgg_echo("custom:groups"), $vars['groups'], $mod_params);

so, I then opened the 'pages' plugin file structure up and modified the above code to hopefully display pages ( I have only one page I'm not referring to custom pages like 'about' etc but the Pages like Blogs )

if (elgg_is_active_plugin('pages')) {
    echo elgg_view_module('featured',  elgg_echo("custom:pages"), $vars['pages'], $mod_params);

the only output was "custom:pages" not what I expected, I expected the bar to read: Pages and that a link to the Page would be created.
It would appear that the custom:groups relates to something, I am assuming to "featured" but what is featured? 

in public_html/mod/custom_index/views/default/resources/index.php

I did add:
//grab the latest files
$list_params['subtype'] = 'file';
$files = elgg_list_entities($list_params);


'pages' => $pages  to Vars array

 'custom:pages' => "Latest pages", to the en.php  language file arrary

[ still no output ]

and the site I'm working on is:   and I do have one Page ->


best regards,


  • After finding a small article that mentioned that the page plugin has two views page and page_top I tried both and page_top worked.

    Now, it took me over 4 hours to find this one page via google - it was time intensive because the plugin is called page ( guess how many page results came up ) 
    Is there an easier way in Elgg to find information regarding a plugins functions/actions etc?

  • There is a list of all the hooks/events and other useful info in the Developer Tools plugin (you will see corresponding menu items in the admin section after enabling the plugin).

    Use a decent IDE, it takes a millisecond to jump to a function declaration from its usage.

    When it comes to object subtypes, I usually check the edit/save action (all actions are declared using elgg_register_action()), and see what subtype is being used. Object views are typically in views/default/object folder.

  • Ismayil,  Thank you.. 
    I have maybe I can tap your knowledge for another issue i'm running into.  I have created a group and installed the Videos plugin.  When I click on the group name in the right column ( before adding a video ) the group information is displayed withing the navigation of the page.  However, when I add a video ( using the Group Video ) and then click on the group name in the right column which is above the Group Menu I get a naked page no navigation, no css being applied - this only occurs when I add a video.
    NOTE: the same Naked page occurs whenever I view the group under /groups/profile/80/(group name)
    any suggestions?

  • One discussion thread = one question. Start a new discussion.

  • - I was trying too but the blue button to start one wasn't loading up at the time. 

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