ajax error

hello . i cant be able to upload pictures on my elgg platform it brings the ajax error. and advise please

  • Yes - I had a similar issue.

    What type of picture did you try to upload? jpg ? png?

    I tried a few. jpegs from mobile phones can sometimes be quite large, up to and over 5Mb and this causes a problem. I found that I had to reduce the size of the pic to at least half Mb to be able to upload, even though it says 5Mb was the max size.

    I also tested a png file of 1 Mb and it uploaded successfully without problems. No easy fix for your AJAX problem unfortunately..

  • @Len If small images can be uploaded but it fails for larger images the reason for the error is any of upload_max_filesize, memory_limit, or post_max_size or even all of them set too small in Elgg's .htaccess. I've tried to explain it to you already at https://elgg.org/discussion/view/2594513/adding-photos-using-tidypics#elgg-object-2596421. The maximum filesize limit of Tidypics does no override the settings in .htaccess. It just allows to set a smaller limit than set in .htaccess. Equally important are memory_limit and post_max_size. If memory_limit is too small the resizing fails (at least likely to happen when GD php extension is used as image library as this library requires a LOT of memory for image resizing - the other two options supported by Tidypics have much lower memory requirements for resizing). And post_max_size must be large enough to handle all images uploaded in one batch.

    @keith: the same to you. Please set the limits in .htaccess large enough. You can check on the Tidypics settings page on the "Server Information" tab if the values you've set in .htaccess are also used by your Elgg site. Try uploading with a small single image at first. You can also use the basic uploader (disabling the html5 uploader in Tidypics settings) as this uploader might give some better error messages (unfortunately) suppressed by the html5 uploader.

    If even uploading a small image fails after setting the limits large enough, also test if another 3rd party plugin might cause some conflict with Tidypics.

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