Adding N images in File plugin on single post

Hi There

Is there any way to add N images through file plugin on a single post ?

  • But now the issue is how we can we merge all these uploaded files into a single post?

    What kind of post? Embedding in a blog or what? As I tried to explain already, you would have to rewrite the files plugin and also the embed plugin for having all files within a single entity. The filetools plugin only allows to organize several files into a single folder but each file entry is still a separate entry. And you can embed any of these file entries (limited to image file type) within another longtext input (like a blog, page etc.). Still, you would need to select each image to be embedded separately.

    Elgg 1.8 is outdated. Elgg 1.8 is no longer supported with bugfixes and security fixes. Instead of trying to backport any plugins to Elgg 1.8 I would suggest to upgrade your site to a newer Elgg version (in short term at least Elgg 1.12 and in long term 2.3). You won't find anyone still making plugins for Elgg 1.8 (at least not if you aren't hiring a developer). Better concentrate on getting any plugin you use to work on newer versions of Elgg if they are not yet compatible.

  • Iam talking in the view of river concept. That is we have already uploaded and created metadata for multiple images, now the thing is needed to display the mutiple images as single post in river instead of multiple posts. Hope you understand it ?

    Yes indeed Iam thinking about upgrading it , but I have included some custom functions in the library files. If Iam upgrading it will affect the site, So can you suggest a way how can I apply the patches manually and upgrading the core.

  • Everything is not as easy as you might think. If you only want to do it for images why don't you use Tidypics. You can organize images in albums and you also get a river entry (as per Tidypics plugin option) that gives a preview of all images uploaded in one batch.

    With Filetools I guess you would need to add the creation of a river item or the deletion/re-creation of a river entry when the content of a folder is changed. The view of this river entry would then fetch the image entities of the folder and display thumbnails/previews of them in the river body.

    But I really can't tell you all the details of what to do and how to do it. It takes time to implement it all (and otherwise I could give you any detailed infos about how to do it). And I really am not much interested to be honest in this functionality that seems so very specific.

  • Hmm, That tried already and tidy pics showing uploading images, but it is not showing either in any folders or river.

  • Check the plugin settings of Tidypics. You can configure, if River entries are created when a user adds an album and when images are uploaded. You can also configure, if a single image preview or previews of all uploaded images of a batch are displayed (in a single entry) or for each uploaded image a separate entry is created. Tidypics has no connection with the Files plugin or the File Tools plugin. So, it won't display anything within File Folders or images uploaded with the Files plugin.