Adding N images in File plugin on single post

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Is there any way to add N images through file plugin on a single post ?

  • File plugin allows 1 file per entry. I guess you could rewrite the File plugin to allow for adding more than 1 file per entry. But this would require more than just a trivial change in the code of the plugin.

  • You could use this plugin which offer the option to upload many image.

    But you should make all customizations required in your custom plugin in order to replace or extend the file form and the file upload action

  • @iionly Thanks but couldn't able to get an idea how to made appropriate changes in elgg_metadata and metastrings table. As metadata will create a entity_guid for file, do we need to create separate entity_guid for each images uploading or need to put all n images in single entity_guid.


    If we are creating separate entity_guid for each images in single post , how can we merge it a single one / single post.


    Waiting for your comments.

  • @Nikos what/which plugin you are referring to ???

  • @nikos I think you might misunderstand whyt @Tommy is looking for. I think he wants to be able to have more than one file associated with a single Files plugin entry. It's not about uploading several files (into separate file entries) at once.

    @Tommy the database is the wrong place to look for. You can't achieve it by modifying something in the database. Don't try it! You rather mess up the database only. What you have in mind would require a total rewrite of the Files plugin from scratch. Additionally, any plugin (like the Embed plugin) that adds functionality to the Files plugin or depends on the Files plugin as it is will also no longer work then. Just assume embedding an image: if a file entry has more than one image the embed plugin will simply not work anymore at all without getting rewritten from scratch, too.

    Have you tried the File Tools plugin yet? Available at While it doesn't allow to have more than one file saved with one file entry you can organize your file entries into folders. Maybe such a folder is kind of a substitute for your requirement?

  • @nikos @iionly thanks for some of your useful replies,i need detailed help on integrating hypedropzone into an existing plugin, i read the readme.txt but finding hard to integrate...if you can write a detailed steps on how to integrate hypedropzone on for example blog plugin.

  • @IIonly


    Thank you , yes it is some thing Iam looking for, But in this case I have executed uploading multiple images using foreach function in file plugins /action/upload.php page.

    But now the issue is how we can we merge all these uploaded files into a single post ? Do we need to upload these files into a single folder first ? Looking forward for your suggestions.

  • @Ismayil

    Nice to hear from you again :) I can assure both of your suggestions are valuable in this case. I have tried the plugin you given , but My core is working on elgg 1.8 can you please suggest how we need to proceed ?