Maintenance Mode Elgg 2.3.0

Existe alguma forma de entrar no site em modo de manutenção depois de sair? Eu coloquei hum tema autumnleaf v2.1  na Versão 2.3.0 e ágora Eu Não Consigo ENTRAR,

Ps. Não esqueci a senha de administrador


I can not access the website to disable maintenance mode!

  • Is there any line of code I can delete, to disable "maintenance mode" so I can re-access the site again, if there is a way?

  • This is an issue with my theme "autumnLeaf". Use this quick fix:

    Open the file: autumnLeaf - views - default - page - maintenance.php in code editor

    On line 22 you have:

    $form = elgg_view_form('bootstrap/login', array('action' => "{$login_url}action/login", 'class' => 'form-horizontal'));

    Replace that line with:

    $form = elgg_view_form('login', array('action' => "{$login_url}action/login", 'class' => 'form-horizontal'));

    Reload the page and login.

    I will fix this and upload a new version of the plugin. I have been busy with my latest plugin template for the elgg community with all features free, no premium or hidden charges. Just a free donation to support me:

    Checkout my latest work "elggBook" at

    Demo Account: username: demouser, password: demouser

    My 2017 gift showcasing elgg's flexibility. Uploading Soon...

  • Everything is OK! Thank you for the well-informed support.