After upgrade 1.5 to 1.6, some, 10%, of users lost their profile photo :(

On test server upgrade to 1.6 went fine. On production we have problem that some - we dont know how many, maybe 10%, lost their avatar/photo!

Strange is that these people still show in the list of latest users, but now with the dummy profile photo and, normally it shows only people with a photo. So, the system still know these people have a photo, but Elgg just can not find it anymore. Further, if user upload a new photo, the old photo shows again instead of the new one! No photo upload is possible...

We lost ideas... anybody ??

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  • 2 days ago

    Brett:  "This sounds like a problem with your data directory.  Upgrades shouldn't change that, but have you checked that the permissions are correct on it and all of its subdirectories and files?"

    How would upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6 change permissions on some of our data subdirs? Others were not touched and can still upload their profile pictures, so these permissions are fine... And why did the upgrade not touch the infected users' other data like pictures, files ?

  • We replicate this easily. And with ALL plugins DISABLED, except for profile plugin of course ....Ok, maybe we are on to something. The usernames of some of the people touched by this are:

    Let me guess, Elgg 1.6 does not like the  "." or "@" in the user names...????

    Now sound

    1. how to repair ? - help - no clue - can we just change the username in elggusers_entity ?
    2. how to prevent in future?  - seems on to something but weird: line 1145 commented out??? -> did not make to 1.6?

    See trac:

  • It is Simplecache. Does not allow usernames with "." in them...

  • I have the exact same problem with my upgrade in production to elgg 1.6.1. We lost about 10% of our user's profile icons as well. The issue in my case is that the users have spaces in their usernames. Every user that lost their profile image has a space in their username like "Bob Smith". I am not exactly sure how to fix this at this point.

  • ya i tried that, but the repository points to the older name somewhere. I'm sure i can update the database, but that is last resort. I'll look into it more tomorrow.

  • about time

    users with spaces will have their data in a folder that stops at the space

    e.g member Big D  profile = would be in data/B/i/g/big I think this is right Big D might know 4 sure

    Did you migrate from 1.2

  • Yes, the migration came from 1.2. Strange though that all was fine in 1.5...

    We now limit the new users on just usernames with a..z|0..9 

    But that does not solve the current problem: should we really manually change all affected user's data directories and their usernames??? ........Oh:)

  • Having the same issue on my test install (but not prod).

    If I manually change Foldername B to foldername b in Data, all the users with b-username's have their profile pics again. If I go with the B, the B-username's have pics.

    Is it a way to fix this so that both b/B's have pics? Mod_rewrite maybe?

  • Hm checked my prodserver DATA-folder now. There both smallcaps and caps are used. Is this error just because I used a FAT-usb to transfer the files?

  • Same here also upgraded from V1-V1.2-V1.5-V1.61. Now lost many user profile pictures. anybody can give a solution? Please