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Greeting Friends!

I've been away for quite long from elgg community but i was never away from elgg. and recently i've been tracking updates of elgg. We have a fleet of new interns in our company and i'm decided to take izap_videos further by using that fleet under our guidance.

I've given a quick scan to elgg updates and got some thoughts and questions in my mind to be more informative.

  1. Composer support, Better UnitTesting Coverage, KarmaJs. Yes it was not during 1.x releases.
    As a DevOps that will really make my life easier. I can think of better CI integration. I can think of better release management on the fleet of AWS app servers.
  2. Doctrine in Composer.
    Curious to know that how deeply elgg is using Doctrine. I mean can i think of to switch my database from MySQL to PostgreSQL?
  3. Better web services handler and javascript support.
    Can i think of technology stack having Elgg as a service provider, ReactJS and Redux, SemanticUI? Here i am especially concerned to have Elgg without JQuery?
  4. HHVM/PHP7 support.
    How about having extra performance benefits?

Thank you
Tarun Jangra (iZAP)

  • 2. We switched to DBAL, but we don't use query builders yet, so doubt you can switch to another driver without havibg to modify a bunch of queries.
    3. Ewan did some work with React and Angular. I think the lesson learnt is you have to throw away the view system and start from scratch to make it work.
    4. We are fully compatible with PHP7. HHVM is not fully supported - there are some failing tests, but I imagine there isn't much work to have it all fixed.

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