send private message

Trying to get "Send Private Message" widget to work. I have installed the private_profiles plugin which should facilitate sending private messages. However, there is no private message widget to add to the user profile page. I am also using the profile_manager plugin. Could this be the reason I don't see the "Send Private Message" widget or is there something I am missing? Thanks.

  • Try Message Board bundled plugin (/vendor/elgg/mod/messageboard)

  • The "Send Private Message" widget is not available in a default Elgg installation. It's provided here on the community site by a custom plugin ( In a default Elgg installation the Messageboard plugin would provide a similar widget - though in this case the posted messages would be publically visible on the profile pages.

    On a default Elgg site the sending of private messages can be initialized either from the profile pages of users or the hover menu of user icons by the "Send a message" option. The Private Profile plugin also hooks in here to check if a user is allowed to send another user a private message. I don't know if the Private Profile plugin would also work flawless with the "Send Private Message" widget to prevent sending of unwanted private messages. It might not send the message in the end but it might still display the widget at least also on profile pages of users where the visiting user is not allowed to send messages.