Help troubleshooting Javascript?

I am having what appears to be javascript issues using  both hypeDropzone and hypeWall_extended. When I drag a file to the upload area, instead of placing the file name in the box, it opens the file in a new browser window (file:// I unloaded javascript using apt-get remove nodejs and reinstalled it... Same result. Not really sure whats going on. Javascript does seem to work in other places on my website. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on how to go about troubleshooting this issue. i am using elgg version 2.2.3 on ubuntu 16.04. hypeDropzone ver 5.0.1 and hypeWall_extended ver 1.12.0.  Thanks!

  • Javascript is all client based, you don't need anything installed on your server for it to work.
    It would be really helpful to debug if you have something like firebug installed in your browser. Activate it, load your webpage and if there are one or more red balloons popping up in firebug, see what the errors are in the console.

    Do you have ONLY hypewall and dropzone installed as third-party plugins? If not, it could be virtually any plugin causing an error. This error might preventing other javascript to execute properly