Restore 2.2.3 core files without loosing database

I seem to be having lots of unexplainable issues with my elgg installation. My question: is it possible to restore the file structure without needing to do a fresh installation? I fear there is damage or missing files in the core structure (although i have not changed or deleted anything) that may be the underlying cause of many issues I am having. i would like to simply unzip the 2.2.3 distribution over my existing files system but I fear that may do even more damage. How can I replace the files, restoring their proper chmod levels etc. without loosing the database? Thanks!

  • You can overwrite the files/directories within the Elgg install directory with the content of the Elgg zip archive without changes made to the database. Basically, this is much the same as you would do when upgrading Elgg to a newer version (even when not changing the version of Elgg in this case). If you unzip the files of the zip archive on the server directly into the Elgg install directory there should be no trouble with files permissions either.