Upgrading to Elgg 2.x

  I have been working to help GCconnex move from 1.12.x to 2.x.  We transferred everything to Github and are now cleaning up and closing Bugs and old Issues.  We will then be spending some time on fixing things that are preventing up from going to version 2.

When (or after) moving to version 2, we will probably also be looking splitting up our code and using Composer to manage dependencies.

Something like this: https://packagist.org/packages/smellems/gcconnex-starter

This is only a prototype to show what it would look like, there are stills errors to fix.  But the idea would be to use upstream versions as much as possible and contribute directly to those repos.



I have seen in other discussions, Elgg 2 being described as faster and better at caching.  Could someone give more details on this?  It's very much of interest to us since we had to make adjustments to Elgg so that our site does get too slow.  I want the best of both!

Also I have seen comparisons of Elgg 1 = screwdriver, Elgg 2 = powerdrill.  Could someone explain what is better for developers with the new version?


  • Elgg 2 comes with:

    1. Improved simplecache. Static resources (css, js, image files) can exist anywhere in the view system. When simplecache views are generated their location is mapped against the view system location. This allows you to serve files directly from the disk bypassing the PHP engine. You need to configure your serve to allow symlinks and to symlink the cache directory to simplecache directory. http://learn.elgg.org/en/2.3/admin/performance.html?highlight=symlink#performance

    2. Boot time cache caches a bunch of run time data (e.g. plugin settings) to shorten boot time. You may want to look into TTL setting to find the right value for your site.

    3. Files are served using a special handler, which serves the file without booting the engine. You can achieve better caching by sacrificing file access controls and serving all files without binding them to user sessions.

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Feedback and Planning

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