hypeWall image upload does not show up on wall

Using hypeWall 4.4.10 with elgg 2.2.3. When i click the camera icon and upload an image it says uploaded successfully but the image does not show up on the wall. It does add a wall entry but no image. The image is in the files area so I know it did upload. Just does not place image on wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gary

  • Here is a screenshot. The correct image was uploaded using the <img> tag . The stretched image was uploaded by dragging the file to the upload file area. I looked at the source code and the line that places the image on the wall says "class egg-photo" When I hover on the item it says "608x608". The actual file size is 275x148.

  • @GaryMcGill it seems like that class is stretching the image. Something like this is inside that class:

    width: 100%;

    You can override it using CSS in your custom plugin/theme.

  • I recommend:


    @GaryMcGill Can you PM with link to your website? I have good experience with hypeWall

  • I am a step closer to understanding why the image placed on the wall shows incorrectly. I noticed by looking at the elgguserUpdoads directory in the icons subdirectory the uploaded file has been cropped. I tested the process by uploading an image with 900x450px and the 3 files in the icons directory were 60x60 for the small, 153x153 for the medium and 600x600 for the large file. All three had the right side cropped off (in the file directory it had the file with actual size as uploaded). I found in the tidy pics config page it has these exact same constraints. I changed them and even disabled the tidy pic plugin but it still cropped. In tidy pics it mentions if the defaults are changed then the CSS should be changed. What css file are they referring to? Or if there is somewhere else I need to look at why it is cropping instead of simply resizing please let me know. Thanks!

  • there is an option in recent versions of tidypics to decide which of the different sizes of images will square (And thus cropped) and which will not. if you change the relevant size to not be square and then trigger the process to regenerate all the tidypics thumbnails, then you should have new versions of the thumbs that are now not cropped.