Visitor can write blog without log in

I want to make a website that allow visitor to write article without log in. How to do this ? I've remove 'elgg_gatekeeper()' in blog/add page , but when click save, there is a error "sorry, you can not perform this action when logged out".

my plan :

1. visitor can write article without log in

2. container_guid = admin guid / selected user guid

3. owner_guid = admin guid / selected user guid

  • The AU Anonymous Comments plugin ( might contain some code that helps. But you will likely have to change more for anonymous blog postings. The error you have is due to the blog save action registered to be used by logged in users only.

    I don't know if it's wise to allow anonymous postings. Most likely it will be used sooner or later for spam. The Anonymous Comments plugin can also be used with captchas. But captchas won't prevent spam but only reduce it.