Can we sell elgg work?

Dear friends

I have a question in my mind, is that possible and allowed if we create a new theme or plugins for elgg and we sell that online on market sites such as codecanyon etc.

If we highly customize elgg framework and add more new features and change the complete look. Then can we sell our work online?

Appreciate your reply to clarify this to me please.


  • As long as you sell work (changes) you have done not claiming you made the hole thing i'm sure you can

    and not only for elgg

  • You can sell plugins.
    If you modify core, you have to abide by the terms of GPL2 or MIT license - you can not change the license of the derived code and it should be available publically.

  • Generally speaking, there is no reason to modify core or to create your own fork. Most modifications can be achieved via plugins, if you are unable to make something work there is probably a good use case for making a pull request against core rather than multiplying incompatible forks. That way others will also be able to take advantage of great new features you may have in mind. From experience, any theme can be built in a plugin - the view system is flexible enough and gives you freedom to do whatever you want with HTML/CSS/JS.