I need an help to modify the Plugin Time Theme Pro (OO / MVC issue)

First I want to clarify that I send messages to https://elgg.org/plugins/search?owner=fvega about a suggestion to change and I did not have a response and so I ventured to create this change.

The Plug'in Time Thema Pro is very good and it has a part that defines a banner for the user, as in this example.

My wife, the Dayse, thought it would be very important to have the same appeal in the groups too and she does not have it.

I checked the source of the Theme Theme Pro and found out where the command was placed to display this banner in the part that is shown in the profile part.

It was in the sourcemod\time_theme_pro\views\default\profile\wrapper.php

Pick up the contents of the image

$cover = getCoverIconUrl('large');

And then used it in html to show

<div class="elgg-inner clearfix h-card vcard elgg-cover" style="background: url(<?php echo $cover ?>) center no-repeat; position: relative">

Then I discovered that if I put the same instruction but in another source, it worked

in the source\mod\time_theme_pro\views\default\page\layouts\elements\header.php
(From the previous source if no duplicate appears)

So I put these instructions and the banner in the profile worked well

In the group started working as well, but there would still be one thing to do this so now

That image that looks like a beach from above is a default image.
The image that was to appear and this orange tree, which is an image of a desert storm

In the case the system only worked, as was expected to work in the profile, showing an avatar and a background image.
But in the case of the group, it's not supposed to be that way, because an avatar does not have to appear and the image, which in BD is tied to the group, was supposed to appear as a banner.

I kept examining the code, debugging, testing, but that's where I had the problem.

As far as I've seen, the feature that creates the image is Elgg's own

At that Header source you have this command


And the elgg_view function is from Elgg and I can not change it right.

So I deduced that my problem is understanding OO and MVC and that this Avatar and Banner Image functionality is defined elsewhere in the program and in elgg_view it only triggers a render that the rules of it are defined elsewhere.

Well I have this problem, the change must be made only within one of the sources of Time Theme Pro

I intend to send all modifications to Fernando Vega who is the creator of Time Theme Pro.