simplecache not loading javascript files


I've installed a new copy of elgg 1.5rc1 on GoDaddy:

  1. copied tar.gz file
  2. created a new db
  3. made it all working with default settings

For some reason all javascript functionality is not working. On my local xamp installation everything works, so I guess it has something to do with the godaddy environment.

When viewing the source I noticed that the links in the header are cached using the new simplecache. In addition new loaded profile images are shown as broken images as well (also going through the caching mechanism),

Any help will be appreciated,


  • Googling "godaddy javascript" returns many results suggesting that Godaddy screws up js.

    Are you getting any js errors?

  • @Dhurp, thanks I'll try that later today.

  • Dhrup,

    I suspect that your patch may just be disabling simplecache entirely which may not be the best fix.

  • w/ my patch => js related funcs seem to work ok so far, no js errors.. I'm there right now enabling plugins1-by-1.. My problem was same as whay Guy reported 4 days back. Try the demo login to see PullDowns wirk.

  • Dhrup,

    I was referring to js errors that might have been reported before your patch as I think we still want simplecache to function on Godaddy to avoid slowing down Elgg.

  • I did not see any errors except "the

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
    --> function not found
    right now I have simplecache ON
    BUT as I was enabling Plugins 1-by-1 (not looking too carefully..
    I broke the it again.
    back-tracked disabling PlugIns 1-by-1
    and now works again ! ;-)
    I'm gonna v-e-r-y s-l-o-y-l-y enable plugins again to trap the culprit !

  • Also, I checked the source and the admin function to disable simplecache should now work properly under RC2.

    What happens when (without Dhrup's patch) you try to view the main Elgg js directly in your browser?

    This should be something like:


    If it does not display, try toggling off simplecache using the option under site admin and then refresh the js display again - and very least then it should come back.

    My two points are:

    • Elgg already has an admin option to turn off simplecache, so hacking the source should not be necessary, and
    • Disabling simplecache is fine for testing and development but should not be done for a production server as it slows down Elgg.

    We first need to know if the problem is related to simplecache and if so, why simplecache is not working as expected on Godaddy.


  • well.. re-enabled all again except a few sys utils... not broken... ! hmmm no culprit plugin !

    cross my fingers, touch wood -- header.php patch stays elggod thataway ;-O

  • Hi Dhrup,

    Is this with or without your patch? I think that it's important that we track down the actual cause of the problem and that means for now running your site without your patch if you can.

  • (1)

    patched to:


    in header.php
    -- gets it to work (on GoDaddy)
    the "..js.php/1236752745?js=initial.." in (1) does look "malformed" as a url,
    if you type
    tho in url box of browser it does return the correct js code ;-)
    so - if not working on godaddy.., suspicious...
    --- but for the life of me i can't figure out why problem only surfaces w/ godaddy server.

    if we agree re: the "malformed" - then should header.php output correctly formed reference
    --- we should be ok... i think.