[Help] Install elgg [SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE]

I'm having problems after installing elgg during installation everything went as it should ... not show any error ... since not appeared no mistake however the page does not play when you click on a link (for example if you click Profile nothing is returned) ... it could be something related to subdomain?
Grateful for the attention!

FROM MY NETWORK: creajr.com.br/haloo

user_teste: help

pass_teste: helphelp


Note: my English is very bad ... but that's okay kkkk!

  • Have you installed any plugins that didn't come with Elgg?  It seems like it's working but not outputting the content in the page shell.  Possibly a plugin that is overriding the page shell improperly or something?

  • In fact just installed, not set up anything. I did not activate any plugins ... including already looked on the panel activated and plugins are all in standard configuration

    * my version is: 2.2

  • I don't know, what happened there. But giving a wild guess:

    - Did you set up everything like the domain adress in the advanced settings (admin backend)?

    - It also might have something to do with the rewrite section in the .htaccess file as your site is a subdomain?

  • Hanzolo, Good afternoon, in the advanced settings are all the settings for the subdomain / haloo. Is that correct?

    As I thought earlier it might actually be .htacess, some people suggested that I change RewriteBase to RewriteBase / haloo, however
    This did not have any effect ... My server has a subdomain as if it were folders, just create the folders and upload the files.

    I will attach two images that may have some use.



    * Some details of the server: Linux, PHP Version 5.6.

    Excuse me, my English is not very good.

  • The URL in the advanced settings should be: https://creajr.com.br/haloo

    Did you set the path to your data directory like /var/www/elggdata/?

    As you are using SSL I asume you activated this in your settings as well.

    As I do not see any obvious errors you could also try to check your error logfile.

    Honestly, I have no clue what yould cause this. All you can do is to recheck your settings following the installation instructions: http://learn.elgg.org/en/stable/intro/install.html

  • I will link all the alerts and disable ssl to see how elgg will behave, since I have already followed this tutorial several times and I believe I am identical.
    My path is also correct.
    So I do not know what else to do :/
  • Is your mysql database running?