Problems with E-mail Notifications when a user posts on the Wire.

Please help me! I have used Elgg 2.1.2 to design a private Members Section for our church. Below are the plugins I am using and their order in the Admin section. I have disabled friends, renamed the Wire to "Posts", setup minute, fiveminute, fifteenmin, halfhour, hourly, and daily cron jobs. The site is set to make all registered users part of a group, and group wire posts are enabled. I personally registered 88 users and set all of their notifications to on  in both e-mail and in site. I am using notfier and e-mailplus. When I first set up the site wire posts were sending out e-mail notifications (even though there was a delay). Now no wire posts are sending out email notifications. I can use discussions, event calendar, and "mail members" under groups and the e-mails go through, but when someone posts (even though they select the group from the drop down menu) no e-mails are sent. This is the main reason I setup the site. Why isn't this working??? I know this topic has been discussed in a few other posts but none of the answers seem to resolve this problem.  Thanks for any help you can offer

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  • I just checked a test post I made about 15 minutes ago and it did send an e-mail, but it is the first in several days. Why is this so inconsistent? Several that were posted earlier in the day were never sent. Thanks.

  • It may or may not be related. I discovered a problem a while back that had to do with user registrations not being received.

    After testing I found that PHP Mail had a problem with the length of the subject. I don't recall the number of characters but what would happen was because the name of the community was a little long if the user had a slightly longer user name it would be over the number of characters and it wouldn't send. So Don at My Friends and Family Community might go through with the subject "Don confirm your email at Friends and Family Community" might go through and "computeruser3 confirm your email at Friends and Family Community" might not.

    Any elgg installations I do now all have a short community name.


  • Dan,

    Thank you for your reply. You may be onto the problem. I was using a plugin called "Notification Subjects" that allows an administrator to tweak the subject line of e-mails to give descriptive subject headings. It worked great but it may have been causing the type of conflict you described above. Since I deactivated it all of the tests I have run have gone through with no problems. Thanks for pointing me in that direction!


  • Same thing here. I have notifier and Emailplus installed and activated, but no emails are being sent out.

  • If it fails to work with these plugins enabled but works without them, it might be best to report the issue directly to the plugin developers (make a posting on the corresponding plugin pages).

  • Hello,

    No, it wasn't working before I installed these two plugins. I installed them to see if it would improve it, but its still not sending any emails.

  • No emails at all or only the notifications on wire postings? If no emails at all are sent the problem might be that the server does not send the emails ( If it's notification emails on postings it might be that the users have not enabled sending of emails in their notification settings in the user settings.

  • Its all emails. Wouldn't using the phpmailer in emailplus avoid the need for the server to send the emails?

  • I just did that test page, from the FAQs. It did not go through to the email, so I assume its the MTA. But I cant find any trace of an MTA in my hosting panel. How do you usually find it?

  • Ok, so my hosting is not good for emails, so I have now switched emailplus to use smtp of gmail. All settings are correct. Guess what? Not working! I'm getting fed up!