Files plugin: Download? I want to see it now.

We are almost at the point of scrapping Elgg because users cannot view files (namely PDFs and videos) on the site. They must be downloaded to be viewed.

Is there any hint of video embed capabilities coming?

  • Sites that let you upload videos and then view them inline encode the videos as flash videos. There are two plugins that I know of here that let you do that. I think they both require the ffmpeg libraries. This is one of them:

    You need to be more specific on viewing pdfs. Do you mean in the browser using adobe reader? That might be as easy as changing the Content-Disposition from attachment to inline for pdfs. Still depends on browser setup though.


  • Hmm. To me, those solutions are cumbersome tac-ons. I want, instead of a 'Download' button, for the video to be right there, embedded. Heck, I want it to be playable in the list (ala Facebook). I understand the complications of transcoding video, and the resources needed to perform such tasks, but does anyone else think this is a major set-back to the user experience?

  • And you get the playable "Facebook" experience by transcoding. I already pointed out there are plugins that have the code for transcoding. You could pull out that code and integrate it into the Files plugin. The hard work has be done.

  • is an excellent PDF (and .doc a.o.) viewer that integrates very well with elgg

  • I took a look at the izap plugin. Whoa. That is some uber high-level progging--way over my head. I am currently trying to modify Zaudio into a video embedder using the JW player just to see if I can get an FLV to embed...and failing. How can I get it to recognize the x-flv mime type?