registration form support

Hi Kevin,

On another thread I saw you mention plans to add registration form support to the Form and related plugins.  That's great news!

One suggestion:

It would be good to be able to specify requirements for fields that appear on the registration from, like for a text area (e.g. about me field) that there should be a minimum of X characters entered.

  • Another addition will be hooks for validation functions throughout the form plugin. As validation can be complex, I doubt that there will be a UI for specifying validation but there will a clear example of how to add validation functions to the different field types.

    So a function might be:

    function validate_aboutme(value) {

    if (strlen(value) < 20) {

    return false;

    } else {

    return true;



    You could add that as a trivial plugin.

  • That would be great, to have an example (plugin) to base a custom validation on : )

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

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