Roles vs Account Types, some questions

I just wondered if anyone could point me to any plugins that extend user context in terms of roles and user account types.

I have noticed there is a roles plugin which seems to be about creating more resolution to allowed functionality.
Am I right saying you could have global moderators, group moderators, super users, normal users, admins which is really good if you could.

I am also wondering if entities can be posted in particular role scopes?
Can my admins on a post have a choice of three options if that item is visible to other users based on there role.
So basically Admins can create content that in this instance has three tiers.
They can post as a normal user and it visibility is to all.
They can post as a moderator and only moderators and admins can view that post.
They can post as an admin and only admins can view that post.

Now I say post but all entity submissions.

I am still being an Elgg noob and been a while I played with Elgg and with my memory it is like starting a new.

We have an access level below but it is not exactly what I expected and I just thought I would express my noobness and if anyone had any input or plugins to have a look at that might be of interest.

Also in the title I added account types as there is a subtle difference between roles and account types.
Say I had members, affiliated members and guests to an organisation where its just about site wide visibility and access where again same tier system.

Members can view all and post at three levels (Members only, Members & Affiliates and All)
Affiliates can not view member specific post but post at (Affiliates and All)
guests can just see and post at what is publically available.

So I have called those account types purely just to create an abstraction to the functionality side of roles.

Roles look great but also is it possible to have group admins and group moderators that are local to a group?

Anyway apols as getting up to speed with Elgg and please tolerate my ignorance, but just wondered what available and what are your thoughts?


  • Roles isn't really a concept in elgg core, and there are various plugins that have tried to make it work with various levels of success, but ultimately there's a lot in core that gets in the way.  While it can be done, and I have done it for various projects, it almost always requires a lot of custom coding.  Definitely not the place to start if you're just getting familiar with Elgg.

  • Cheers Mat no probs it has actually been hard to find any platform that applies security to individual content and allow tiered groups where you can drop down to post at a more visible level.

    I like Elgg very impressed once you get past I slight learning curve.

  • I am sure I have shared code snippets somewhere. Definitely something on my github. The general approach is to create an access collection owned by tge site with no members with a constant value that you store somewhere (config or plugin settings), then you use the get_sql,access hook to map those acls to users via other tables (see how access friends is resolved to a set of relationships). And then you can just populate the access dropdown.