Little help after my first all day on here. Using Time theme Pro

Ok so I tried a few themes and really not used to how this is structured. Even after reading docs alot didnt match with what i was seeing. Got alot fixed and changed but seems I need alot more to do on this.... Heres some things I couldnt find if anyone can help with steering me into the location to find and fix these things. Any help is appreciated

Ok first is the top bar/nav bar. The login doesnt work and only thing active is the Dashboard which redirects to the login page. Login button just reloads current page.

Register widget is set to collapse and remains open

Delete the term Groups from everywhere in the side. Pretty sure its obvious people are in a group

On market plugin remove the path in the link to just display name

Menu on left has all the items listed and I these are not in the back menu as far as i can see unless hidden somewhere.

On my group page no where i write shows next to the image whatsoever. Also I have no link or widget to group discussions available. widget plugin only gives me activity and no where in settings to add discussions.

All screens are here


  • The wording of links is the easiest thing to change, you just have to find the language key that defines them and then redefine them in your theme - assuming your theme is last in the plugins list (whatever is last takes precedence).

    Dashboard link - is the dashboard plugin active?  Dashboard is only available when logged in, is this link showing that behavior when logged out?  Make sure the url of the link is correct.

    Login link - hard to say, for a separate login page it should just go to '/login'.  Sounds like it may just link to the current page and was intended to trigger something via js (like a lightbox?) that's not working properly...

    Market plugin - identify the view where the link is generated, then copy the view to your theme and just output the content without the link

    Register widget - not sure offhand, I so rarely use widgets these days

    All other points - not really sure what you're asking about, but more than likely it can be solved by overwriting a view or hooking into the entity registration



  • @Rory205 I really have a huge problem to understand your posting. What I don't understand with most of your questions is if you currently have a problem, if you made a modifications resulting in a problem or if you just want to make a modification to achieve something.

    Do you have a problem with login? If so, did you have this problem ever since installing Elgg? If the problem has been there since the beginning, something might be wrong with the server configuration (rewrite rules not fully working). If the problem started later, you most likely added a plugin not compatible with the versions of Elgg you are using (plugins written for Elgg 1.x are not all compatible with Elgg 2.x).

    The names of the menu entries can be modified by changing the corresponding language strings, e.g. the "Group blog" name is connected to the language string 'blog:group' within the language file of the blog plugin. You can modify the default language output by overriding the default string with your own string by creating a customization plugin for a language string you want to change. It's better this way as you wouldn't have to modifiy the original language files and won't risk to lose your changes when updating Elgg. Just take a look at for an example of how such a modification of language strings can be implemented.

    With the Market plugin it's also a matter of language strings. What you see displayed as category names is the raw language strings. Just add the category name you want to show within a language file, e.g.

    'market:category:category_name' => "My category name",

    The category names being handled as language strings allow you to display the names in different languages if necessary depending on the language perference of your users.

    Your explanations of the other issues are too unspecific for me to understand what you have in mind. Try to explain it more detailed. You might also want to try solving one issue after the other and don't try to change everything at once without knowing much about what you are doing. You can't expect to get everything working after just one day. It might also be better to open separate topics for each issue as it's much easier for anyone trying to help you to understand what you have in mind.