elgg _set_plugin_user_setting to save the last visited page

i want to save the last visited page of a user,

(get the guid and save it)

should i use elgg _set_plugin_user_setting to save it ? or is there better solution ?



okay, to avoid misunderstanding,  i will explain my purpose :

I want to make a feature :  Recommendation (show entities list that contains user favourite topic)

So i need data of user 's favourite topic

Simple example: Alex read Pokemon Go article , his favourite topic is Pokemon Go

I need the data of last 10 visited page (the title, url or just tags of the article)

I dont know how to save the data , elgg_set_plugin_user_setting , or annotations or something else (safe ,not use big resource and not make problem in the future)

i'm sorry if i make you confused