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Hey guys. New here and trying this out. Im used to working with vbulletin, joomla, opencart stuff. My forum on vbulletin is what I would like to bring over in a different way. Seems be to be a good group here. My forums is just my hobby and usually busy on other things but after learning more I will help where I can and contribute financially where I can. I was looking at this and boonex and not really down with all the license crap they have. Would rather pay for something that I can always use and never have an issue with. Hows the security on the databases here? Private messages etc. Any encryption built in or avail?

  • Hey, welcome to Elgg.  Learning curves can suck, but it sounds like you've got a background that would lend itself to this :)

    Have you checked out the docs?  There is a section there about security:

  • Thanks Matt! Just about to. Im currently upgrading my servers again. Interestingly I did it on a server running Centos 7.2 and no issues. However that server is limited to some other projects I dont want to mix around so upgrading my server on the other ones before I finish working out this install. I hate learning curves as much as I hate wordpress and drupal lol. I'll take a look at the docs in a few.

    Anyone set with android and ios development for elgg now?